What Is Franchising?
Franchising is a method of marketing a product and/or service that involves two basic levels of entities. The franchisor and franchisee in a franchise system.
Advantages of Franchising
The list of advantages and benefits are phenomenal.
Income Sources and Wealth Creation
A list of ways income can be generated and wealth created through franchising.
Preliminary Questionnaire
This is a quick preliminary questionnaire to determine if your business is franchisable.
Existing Franchisors
We provide expansion capital and expertise to franchisors that we believe have the potential for rapid growth.
Accredited Investors
Get in on the ground floor of successful proven businesses that have tremendous potential to become a large national franchise.

About Us

Franchise Venture Capital, Inc. specializes exclusively in investing in the Franchise Industry.

We provide investment capital and expertise to businesses wishing to franchise their current successful business, existing franchisors seeking to rapidly expand their franchise brand to become a major player in their field, acquisitions and franchise development.

Our firm consists of a team of franchise industry experts including past and present franchisors, franchise executives, franchisees, multi-unit franchise owners, master franchisees, and other relevant business professionals.

We offer consulting services to high net worth investors and Private Equity Groups seeking to invest in or acquire established franchise companies and franchisors who wish to sell or position their franchise company for a profitable exit.

Potential Franchisor,

Franchising is the single most successful business expansion concept in history. It is the best leverage growth system ever created. Approximately half of every dollar spent by Americans for goods and services is spent at a franchised business. Franchising is the primary method of doing business in America today and some of the most successful businesses in history are franchised companies.

It is hard to believe that you can take a simple small business, teach others to replicate that business concept and the company could become a multi-million dollar or even a multi-billion dollar franchise business.

Almost any successful business could become a large and valuable franchise company.  As evidenced by the leading franchise companies today you don't even need to have the best products or services.

The truth is all you need to have is a proven business model that works, that can be taught to others in a reasonable amount of time, along with the necessary investment capital, and sound advice from experienced experts.

We provide the investment capital and expertise, and you provide the successful business model.

Please fill out our preliminary questionnaire and let’s explore the possibilities.

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