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The Fortune 500 companies may get the publicity, but a close look at the American economy will reveal the true heroes: Franchises are the most rapidly growing kind of enterprises in the country and the world.

Franchisors are also setting up units in both hemispheres. Europe, Asia, and South America are significantly expanding the franchising industry.

Franchising holds considerable appeal to persons in countries just converting to a free market economy because of the support and expertise offered by the franchise network, particularly to men and women not accustomed to operating a business in the private sector.

Our firm analyzes hundreds of businesses each year that desire to become franchisors or existing franchisors that are interested in expanding their business.

After careful consideration, we select businesses that we feel meet the necessary criteria and have the potential to become very successful national or international franchises.

Franchising has made many multi-millionaires and even billionaires and we believe the future is even brighter.

Now you too can profit and capitalize on ground floor opportunities of successful proven businesses that have tremendous potential to become large national or international franchise companies.

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